Online Live Campus is powered by Lerensoft Company.

We are streaming and recording any events (especially related with education) in full HD quality (1080p) to the unlimited number of clients.


  • The online live transmission from the congress is in full HD (1080p) resolution. There are 4 cameras in the congress hall. One for the slides of the presentation, the second for the presenter, the third for the chairmen and the fourth for the audience.
  • Clients can access the online live transmission via using their favorite internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox etc. in their computer (PC or Mac) and mobile devices.
  • Clients have the full access to ask questions and make comments via using text messaging. Moreover, clients also participate to the pool and voting system.
  • The online live transmission from the congress is active during the entire congress.
  • The online live transmission is recorded for clients’ future access for one year. Clients can navigate the lectures slide by slide.